So loyal and loving!

John Michael Mizzi is a man that is always searching for the deeper secrets of life. He totally adores nature and truly loves spending time in nature. In 1993 he founded MizziSoft and he is still very actively involved in creating the latest technology. John is also developing eco resorts that truly blend in with nature and his objective is to help many others connect to mother earth.

His new base is now on the beautiful island of Panay in the middle of the Philippines after a long period in Malta, to enjoy the tranquility of life in the warm rain forests and be closer to his homeland of Australia. In Panay John is developing very advanced technology for MizziSoft and also developing an Eco Paradise Resort in these rain forests under the majestic mountains of Panay.

There John will keep learning about herbal medicines and how they are applied to achieve the best healing by turning the herbs into capsules, tea, infusions, soaps and creams.

Now John is living in the desert in Western Australia.